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This range of non-asbestos grades successfully replace traditional natural grade SINDANYO® in the late 1990's, when new legislation banned the use of Asbestos based products.

L21 - is based on Ordinary Portland Cement and selected fibres and is mainly used for electrical applications.

H91 - is a superior quality board with the highest temperature performance of 700 degrees C.

All grades can be either Sodium Silicate dipped to minimise water absorption or Silicone Resin Impregnated for primary electrical insulation.

Forgings and Stampings - The most common method of heating both ferrous and non-ferrous metals before forging or stamping is through induction heater boxes. Non-asbestos SINDANYO® is approved by the industries leading manufactures.

Furnace and Foundry - A high strength insulation is required for furnace insulation. SINDANYO® provides secondary heat and electrical insulation.

General Thermal - SINDANYO® is used for heat insulation on exhaust boxes of diesel power shunters.

Glass Works - Handling hot glass requires special care to prevent contact thermal shock with cold surfaces SINDANYO® is used widely in glass container industry for pusher blocks, fingers, transfer rollers, lehr door insulation, dead bolts, etc.

Heated Presses and Tools - Used wherever a reliable insulation is required to improve quality, save energy or protect men and machine against heat and electricity. Can be used for the insulation of heated presses, tools and other thermal machines in industries such as Rubber, Plastic and Wood.