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Malleable Iron Fittings

General Information

Malleable iron fittings are used for a wide variety of applications including fire protection, plumbing, heating and ventilation.

We stock Jinan Meide products, the worlds leading brand of malleable iron fittings.

  • Covered by standards BS EN10242 and 143.
  • BSI kite marked.
  • Male and female taper threads to ISO 7.1 to ensure the best possible joint.
  • Supplied in self colour or hot dip galvanised finishes.

To download a copy of the BSI kitemark licence, please click the link below.

Jinan BSI Certification

BIM modelling files are now available. Please contact our sales department with your requirements.

Technical information

Malleable taper thread socket

Malleable reducing tee

Malleable reducing socket

Malleable reducing pitcher tee

Malleable reducing hex nipple

Malleable Reducing Elbow 90°

Malleable reducing 2 sizes Tee

Malleable M/F Elbow 45°

Malleable M/F cone seat unions

Malleable iron reducing tees

Malleable iron M/F 90° Elbow

Malleable iron female 90° elbows

Malleable iron bends

Malleable hollow and solid plugs

Malleable Hex Bush

Malleable female cone seat unions

Malleable equal tee

Malleable equal pitcher tee

Malleable equal hexagon nipple

Malleable equal cross

Malleable Elbow 45°

Malleable cone seat union elbows

Malleable Cap

Malleable Backnut

Galvanised compression coupling

Box quantities – Reducing tees

Box quantities – Equal Fittings

Box quantites – Reducing fittings