Genuine Unicone® clamps and fittings are used widely in the bulk powder transportation industry; they are commonly used with cement, flour, sugar, ,cereals and other dry powders and granular materials.  They offer speedy but robust and reliable hose connections for tankers and silos.

  • Clamps are manufactured from forged steel components, eliminating the danger of parts cracking or breaking in service and giving the strength that the Unicone® reputation is built upon.
  • Clamps are available with linch pin and chain to offer increased safety. We also produce clamps with a self locking device; please ask for further details.
  • Only genuine Unicone® ancillary products should be used with our clamps. Other products may not be compatible and are potentially dangerous.
  • A complete range of ancillary products is available and special fittings can be made to order.
  • Ancillary products are available in mild steel and 304L stainless steel .Some products are available in aluminium on request.

Fast and easy to connect, Unicone® provides a firm and leak proof joint.

The assembly comprises two preformed conical flared ends  into which a sealing rubber is  fitted.  The ends are connected by a lever operated instantaneous  clamp, providing an uninterrupted bore.

Our recommended distributor for Unicone is JML Henderson.

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